Dr. Ron Hauser, Director of the Institute for the Study of Fertility and sperm bank in Lis Maternity Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center. Israeli born, graduate of the Medical School in the Hebrew University Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem. His doctoral thesis granted him cum laude for his research. He currently serves as a permanent senior physician at the Department of Gynecology and the Institute for the Study of Fertility at the Lis Maternity Hospital, Tel Aviv Medical Center. In addition, Dr. Hauser is in charge of the program of operative andrology, practicing sperm extraction from testicles of men suffering from azoospermia (complete lack of sperm in the ejaculate) using microsurgical techniques.

In 1993-1994 Dr. Hauser travelled on a research grant to the University of Monash, Melbourne, Australia, where he attended as a research fellow. Dr. Hauser is a senior lecturer at the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine. In addition to his work as a gynecologist and obstetrician, his main expertise is in female and male infertility. Dr. Hauser has published some innovative research papers in these fields.

In his Tel Aviv clinic, Dr. Hauser conducts supervision of pregnancies, including 3-dimensional obstetric sonography examinations, fetal growth supervision and nuchal translucency scans. He also performs fertility investigation, ovulation inductions and intrauterine insemination treatments.

Dr. Hauser's other treatments are amniocentesis and abortions.

At the Herzliya Medical Center (HMC) as well as in Assuta Hospital in Tel Aviv, Dr. Hauser conducts In-Vitro-Fertilization treatments and also mediating egg donation treatments. He also performs sperm extraction procedures from testes of men with azoospermia (no sperm in the ejaculate) including microTESE.